Hello blogging world

So, this is my blog.  *pets it*  I’ve had a few others over the course of the last several years, but they weren’t very good years so those blogs and the ideas that inspired them kind of went kaput.  Or, more accurately, they fizzled out like the spark on a rain soaked dynamite fuse because someone forgot to keep the damn fuse coils in a dry storage space and thus robbed me of the fantastic boom my twisted little pyromaniac heart so desired to see.

Or something like that.  You get my drift.

Anyway, so here I am starting over.  It seems to be the general trend in my life at the moment so I figured, why not go for broke?  Let’s restart this blog idea, too, and see where the new ride takes us.

Hopefully somewhere with more explosions and maybe a car chase or two, figuratively speaking.


©Shiloh Ohmes 2013


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