And here we see the Writer emerging from a mini hibernation…

Hey all!  First off, sorry for not posting last Sunday.  I’ve been house and pet sitting for my boss while he was on vacation and he doesn’t have internet, so that’s why no posting.  On the other hand, I had over a week of no internet and got a shit ton of writerly stuff done.  Woohoo!

*ahem*  Yeah, anyway.

So this week I spent time doing a lot of writing and planning, more than I’ve been able to do all at once for a while now, and it felt pretty damn good.  Got a fourth chapter rewritten and edited, got a good start on a fan fiction project due in August, and when my brain threatened to fry from staring at the computer screen too long I got to watch live TV for the first time in nine or ten months.

What?  I only have Netflix at my apartment.  Live TV is kinda cool now.  Especially watching one of my shows in real time instead of live streaming it.  Double bonus, yes!  *fist pump*

Anyway, this is just a post to say I didn’t die or get abducted by aliens or anything drastic like that.  A regular post will be up sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Cheers, and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


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