A Night of Epic Binge Writing

Okay, so I usually save nights like this for November when I’m neck deep in NaNoWriMo and need the word count, but I’ve decided what the hell, let’s do this sucker early and have some fun.

So tonight my challenge, having accepted it, is to write 10,000 words before I pass out, give up, can’t see straight, or start adding rabid chipmunks with shoulder mounted lasers to the narrative.  I know from past NaNo experience that I can churn out 10k no problem given the right motivation.  I haven’t had to do that in a while, though, so I know I’m a bit rusty.  That is why tonight I am employing Shiloh’s Super Secret Awesome-sauce No Shit 80% Guaranteed Word Barfing System.

The SSSANS80%GWBS consists of three things (shh, don’t tell anyone else!):



Strawberry Wine.

Yeah.  That’s pretty much it.  Don’t give me that face, I’m not taking it all at once, sheesh.  What do you take me for?  See, the secret to this system is all in the timing.  Hunger strikes first, and hunger is one of the big assholes behind zapped creativity and procrastination.  It’s hard to be an almighty asshole author-god yourself when all you want is something to munch on, therefore tacos is the first step.  Tacos subdue the hunger and the munchy-mentality and fuel you to throw all kinds of curve balls at your characters that would otherwise be derailed and forgotten in the annoying food craze.

Second, coffee.

See, I get sleepy after dinner.  Kind of a hardwired habit that’s hard to break, you know, so coffee counteracts that.  Two cups with creamer and enough sugar to kill the Folger’s taste will keep me awake and aware for a good couple hours and settle the tacos nicely.

Next and last comes the wine.

Whenever I drink I, again, get inevitably sleepy afterwards.  And happy and handsy and prone to singing in front of people, but that’s beside the point.  It’s cool, because that means I can have a lil sumthin’-sumthin’ after dinner and conk out before nine, thus ensuring a night of awesome sleep, but not so much for when I want to use alcohol’s wibbly-wobbly influence to unplug my inhibitions and splatter messy as fuck word vomit on the page to see what comes out.  Now, having had two cups of coffee before this stage, I ensure that the alcohol gives me the funky-ass inspiration I want without dropping me like a mule kick to the head.

This is the current plan, anyway.  I have already consumed my beloved tacos and am working on my second cup of coffee.  I will post sporadic updates of my success or failure on twitter so I invite you to prop your feet up on the dash and enjoy the free shit show.  Bring your own tacos and wine, though.  I am generous with many things, but not those.  *huggles tacos and wine*

Cheers bitches /

Shiloh "Drunk Jitter Ramblings" Ohmes


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