KRSHT: We Interrupt Your Normal Viewing For A Message of AWESOME




*Ahem*  Yeah, so I’m in a happy-funky-ugly dancing-in yo FACE celebratory mood because I just finished revising my fan fiction big bang and that sucker is DONE, my friends!  Whooot!  

*pours a drink*

This is the great end to a real shitty week, I tell ya.  I’m finally over this demonic crud that slid in to take up residence in my throat and delicate nasal passages last Saturday night.  I did not much at all this week except stay home from work a couple days and haunt the blue wings of Tumblr where I re-blogged Teen Wolf and Supernatural and cute cat pictures.

I’m finally finished, though (with the exception of a couple more comb-throughs for spelling and grammar checks, but that is never ending, anyway).  Which, let me tell you, is a big weight lifted off my shoulders as it always is when I get a project completed.

I know most writers have some pretty mixed- and pretty STRONG- feelings about fan fiction, usually questioning its validity as an art form and getting all up in arms about the thought of a stranger taking their characters and playing with them.  I’m not going to get into debating the particulars on those, though, so let me just lay out my experiences with it and why I regard fandom in general as a Wonderful Thing.

First and foremost, I owe so much to fandom and the people that take something I love and expand and explore it past the borders of the original material.  Even when they go to the creepy places.  (Even the really, really, OMG that story climbed out of the pits of Tartarus, WTF I can never eat carrots again areas.)  

I got into fan fiction through the bandom door (thanks Josh Groban) and pin balled around through Harry Potter, Dark Angel, Angel the Series, and finally into Supernatural where I found a place to park my keister and call home.  This show about these two brothers hunting monsters in their classic car gave me a relationship I could relate to, and the fandom took me in and gave me stories outside the script lines that broadened my understanding of writing.  It also gave me an audience for the first time who provided feedback, loyal readers, and good friends that keep in touch with me outside the fandom.

The deadlines and prodding gave me valuable experiences, too.

I may not have been working with characters I thought up myself, but inhabiting another world helped me acquire the skills to better play in my own.

And with that, my peeps, I am out.  Monday is on the approaching horizon, bringing with it the 9-5 job and that unholy hour known as 5am.  I am going to muck around on Tumblr, drink my vodka, and celebrate the conclusion of a much loved project.

*puts on rock star glasses*



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