OMG, this is the other side.

December has been reach, kiddies, we have breached the wall to the other side of the madness that has been NaNoWriMo.  Woot!

*passes out candy and alcohol for all*

Congrats, you wonderful fuckers, for going through it and participating whether you made it to 50k or not.  Also, sending out big whopping thank you kisses to all the wonderful folks that supported you throughout it.  You guys are seriously the best, you help prop us up when the internal editor rattles his cage and ground us when the crazy digs in a bit too deep.

Well, deeper, I suppose.  Tomato, potato, whatever.

And now the madness has abated for another year.  Well, for most of us.  I’m still plugging away on my project.  NaNo allowed me to tackle the gelatinous and mushy middle that’s been plaguing me like a rabid armadillo, so now I am off to the shadow and monster infested ending.  I spent most of today plotting it out, which has brought me to a point where I kind of hate myself for what I’m about to inflict on these poor characters, but I’m also reveling in the anticipation of destruction and angst and paralleling full circle themes I’m about to close.

I am an all-powerful writing god and I am bored, FEAR ME.


Yeah, still kind of saturated in the crazy.  I’ll be over in my corner drinking coffee and killing fictional people that probably don’t deserve it.

Cheers, my peeps!


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