Ahoy, there!

Okay, so, first off I guess I should say, hi!  Not dead.  Not even a little, although it felt kind of close for a while.  For a quick rundown of why I was not blogging:

1. Tornado hit building of employment.

Happened right before Thanksgiving.  No one was hurt, but it kept me at home for two and a half weeks and so I utilized that sudden vacation to finish the first draft of The Undertaker’s Apprentice.  All efforts went into finishing that puppy because, hot diggity-fuck schnaze, I was ready to reach the conclusion.  It worked, and I did, and then work resumed and

2.  I was so busy I was ready to shoot myself.

Seriously.  The day job is at a college bookstore, and you know what happened in December when work resumed?  Finals.  Which meant rental returns and people selling back their books.  By.  The.  TON.  Couple that with working out of a new building, moving back into the old one, and 10 to 11 hour days, and yes, folks, I saw Hell.

It was freezing, just FYI.

Good news now is that work is finally slowing down, which means I am neck deep in editing Apprentice the same way a highland nomad guts a sheep down to its curly horns and tippy toes to utilize and reshape even the smallest bits.

Did that metaphor work?  No?  *awkward crickets*

Moving on.  So.  In addition to working on Apprentice, I also have some other cool plans that may soon *crosses fingers* be implemented.  In going through some old files, I have dusted off some of my old short stories and revamped them.  As soon as I get the hang of setting up an author page and all the technical stuff, they will be available on Kindle!

*dances like a drunk parakeet*

The short stories (so far) will include:

Abraca-WTF: The Story of a Useless Witch

Missing, A Quiet Horror Story

Aaaaand, drumroll!

Lucky Graveyard Boots, a four part prequel mini-series to The Undertaker’s Apprentice.

Until those launch, I am slowly gathering all sorts of cool sites and tools to use in promoting my works.  So far I have set up an account for myself on Speaker.com  where I will post audio excerpts from the mini series and book (nothing there just yet, but watch that space, there will be soon!) and have had far too much fun on Pinstamatic making quotes from Apprentice to post to my Undertaker Board.  So please, check it out and tell me what you think.  I am near wetting myself I am so excited to be almost to the self-publishing stage.

Soon there will be Undertaker-y stuff EVERYWHERE.  Reaper and scythes and crows and surly, chain smoking, monster hunting, body burying, tequila soaked

*Cackles insanely, throws glitter, trips during exit left*


One thought on “Ahoy, there!

  1. Gayle Neusch

    Glad to know you are alive. So great that you are getting to be what you have always dreamed of being a writer!! Can’t wait to read your books!!!


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