I’m published, yo!

The day has finally arrived!  I am so freaking excited, you don’t even know, man.  I’m probably in danger of wetting myself.  So, yes, I am published on Kindle and you can see my stuff on Amazon, where this story is $.99.  Like, right now.  Yes, I expect you to go looks.  Here it is (click the pic to go directly to Amazon):

Portrait of beautiful teen girl outdoors

Have You Seen This Child?

I am missing for three months and one hour. I’m in an abandoned bus station and I don’t know how I got here. There is a bulletin board, though. My missing poster is tacked on front and center, as crisp as those new $100 bills. What happened to me?

What happens when someone goes missing? In this short story, a child wakes up in an abandoned bus station with no explanation, no memory of what happened, and no way out. Three months have gone by between heartbeats and the only clue is a missing poster with their face on it.

What happens to the missing if no one finds them? If people forget?

What if you went missing?


One thought on “I’m published, yo!

  1. shaghood@comcast.net

    I really liked the story. I would have liked it to be longer. But the more I think about it, the more I think it was perfect. Because that is most likely the way it is when someone goes missing and is not found. No closure.


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