Game Plans and Sentient Knees

Okay, so, I wanna apologize for the lack of regular posts lately that aren’t story posts.  The story posts will definitely continue, but I feel bad because I have, like, four regular posts in the draft stages that I just haven’t been able to edit up and post yet.  Life has been kicking my butt, first with getting sick and now inventory at work, and then my knees going sentient this morning and becoming major assholes.

No, seriously, not kidding about the last one.  It’s like:

Knees: Fuck you to infinity and beyond, bitch.  *horrible creaky stair noises*

Me:  Shut up, I am not that old yet.

Knees:  Don’t care.  *angry faces*  *waves middle finger*

Don’t give me that look.  If you’re knees haven’t become sentient bastards yet, they will.  I hate popping Excedrin, but I’ve had to today.  That shit makes me semi-high, so at least I’ll be a barrel of laughs.

*cue Shiloh spinning around in the computer chair and talking to imaginary talking cacti*

So, anyway, that’s my apology.  And I have another story post coming after this one, and then this weekend I will get my derrière in gear and get those normal posts  edited and coherent and there will be regular postings again.

Sound good?  Good.  Great.  That’s the plan.

This has been a PSA.  You may return to your regular schedules morning.


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