Bow Down, Peasants, For It Is My Birthday

So, it’s my birthday today, and since it is and it’s my blog I’m going to deviate from strictly writing or story stuff for this post, because hey, I am reigning supreme here in this space and I feel like it.  And it’s my birthday.  😀

(This also means that no one gets to yell at me for not posting the usual stuff like I said I would.  I WILL, never fear, I’ve just been tied up with inventory at the 9-5 and there’s only two of us working, so, yay, mountains to move and only four hands to dig and all that jazz).

Anyway, I haven’t been a big fan of birthdays for the past seven or eight years.  Side effect of shitty situations and depression.  Each one came around and it was always kind of a surprise, you know.  Shit, I made it another year.  Fuck.  I’m still tired.  I don’t feel like being happy about it.  This year, wonder upon wonders, I woke up smiling.

The past year and a half has been hard, because fighting your way out of depression is harder than falling into it, and it’s not a battle you ever win completely.  It’s a war that keeps going, you just learn how to fight better.  I’ve had a lot of setbacks, but I’ve also had a lot of wins, and the wins are starting to stack higher than the losses, which is just fucking awesome-sauce, you know?  Especially with my writing.  I mean, I published a story last month.  I started sharing other stories here, and people actually like them.  Writing is the one thing that kept me breathing many times, so the accomplishments I’ve made this year, they count for an awful lot in the war.

So, it’s my birthday and I’m actually happy.  Even though I have to work and do inventory, I’m incredibly happy, and this is going to mark a start of birthdays I’m going to enjoy the shit out of.

So, if you’re in the same place, just know that you can walk through your hell, and then you can take the fucking throne.  I have, and let me tell you, the crown is mighty nice.

Happy birthday to me, and to you, because you’ve survived if you’re reading this.

Now go eat cake and cobbler and steak in my honor and enjoy my fucking birthday anthem, and the fine piece of smooth southern whiskey voice that is Christian Kane, because today is also Friday and this is the best song to end the work week with.


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