Doneness Project Day 1

Doneness Project

So, it’s 3:30am right now and it took me all of yesterday evening and the night to finish chapter four of my current project.


I’ve had three and a half chapters of the rewrite done for a while, but lost my momentum for the story during December with everything that was going on and then getting sick.  Sometimes the only way to get through a rough spot is to just push on through, even if what you’re writing is undoubtedly crap.

Which it was.  And is.  No way in hell with most of that survive editing in March, but it’s written and done and I can move on, which is the entire point.

In other news, I did get cover pictures created for all of my projects this afternoon. is a great resource for that, even though you can’t use half of their editing options without paying for them.  Even still, I managed to create six project covers that I am happy with and they got my story juices flowing.

Now I am off to bed, because tomorrow I am going to work on chapter five and my project outline.

Crazy Ink Slinger signing off, because I’m starting to see double.


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