Doneness Project Day 2

Doneness Project

So, today did not go as well as I’d hoped.  Worked on chapter five and ended up trashing more than I kept.  Nothing I wrote came out remotely right for the story, which means I need to take a step back and go to the drawing board because I obviously need to flesh out a couple characters some more.  It feels kinda crazy to do that, especially seeing as this is a story I’ve worked on here and there for about seven years, but what else can you do?  If you figure out a character isn’t working right you gotta see why.  In this case it’s because while that character has been around in name for almost the entirety of the story’s existence, yet this is the first time I actually tried to write from his perspective.

In doing so I found I didn’t actually know him as well as I should.  Which is a big oversight, but fixable if I stop now and do some extra background work.  I think it’s also come to light now because I’ve scaled the story back a couple years and am writing these characters at an earlier stage in their lives.  Their motivations, wants, and needs are completely different from their older selves, which is both exciting new ground and scary uncertainty.

So, though I didn’t get a lot written word count-wise, I learned some writing lessons and I’m going to approach the chapter again in the morning from a new direction.

In other news, I had other accomplishments today.  I introduced my Mom to chicken coconut curry and she absolutely loved it.  It was the perfect meal to eat seeing as it’s cold as monkey balls outside and the house heater works sporadically at best.  So glad to have a dog to share the bed with.  She’s like a little brick oven under the covers, even if she has deadly gas attacks.

And it is now almost 4 in the morning again, so it’s definitely time for me to sign off and go to bed.  Here’s to hoping that I will conquer this character problem and make up for some lost time with a couple chapters and some new blog posts.

Crazy Ink Slinger signing off.  Cheers.

This bird perfectly sums up how I felt about my writing today.
This bird perfectly sums up how I felt about my writing today.

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