Doneness Projects Days 3 & 4

Doneness Project

So, I forgot to post this for yesterday, but I was productive!  Yesterday was spent crafting blog posts and unkinking chapter five of my project.  Mainly it was a lot of junk writing, just getting it down on paper and out of my head, then saving that to a separate file and starting over again.  I also trashed about three different outlines, but I am working on a fourth and it’s more promising.  Also worked on tidying up my Scrivener files for this project so it’s not so cluttered.

Today I also worked on blog posts, because I’m trying to at least get a couple weeks ahead.  I want to get them written, edited, and then queued to post automatically so I can get ahead on my actual fiction project.  At the moment I’m writing two blog posts a day as well as working on the story.  It’s hard to switch mindsets from blogging to fiction as I’m doing right now, so getting ahead for the blog will definitely increase productivity on my project.

Also, reconnected with a friend of mine I haven’t talked to in years!  That was a lovely surprise, I’m so happy she messaged me on GoodReads and that we got to catch up.

I am also nearly over this cold junk, and tomorrow is supposed to be a clear day, so I am going to a coffee shop to write for a while!  Yay!!!  No more being stuck inside with farty dogs and freezing floors!  Really looking forward to the change of pace.  I always get more done when I go out somewhere else to write.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.  Toodles!


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