Doneness Poject Day 5

Doneness Project

Yesterday was a highly productive day, although I did not get writing done on my story project.  I did get more done for my blog, though.  Yesterday was pretty cool anyway.  It was my first time out of the house in about two weeks after getting sick and there being snow and ice and general miserable cold.  The Mom and I went out to the coffee shop at Hastings and spent a good three or four hours talking shop and working on our writing.  She helped me develop my plans for the blog some more and she bounced ideas off of me, so we were both pretty happy with the results.

After that we had to hurry and get groceries before another cold snap.  Everyone else was, too, so that was hectic and not at all well thought out on our part.  By the time we got home we were both pretty drained and brain dead, and also really into food, though we had just eaten, and so we attacked food boards on Pinterest to hoard more easy and healthy recipes.  I think we did that until, like, two in the morning.  0_0  But yay, food!

The Mom and I are watching educational webinars today on the business end of blogging and marketing, so after that I’ll be getting to my writing project and aim to get a couple chapters written.  I’ll post about today’s Doneness achievements later tonight, as well as a regular post.

Toodles, lovelies!


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