Doneness Project Day 7

Doneness Project

Why is it that the best ideas seem to pounce on you at 3am when you really need to go to bed?  That’s what happened last night.  I ended up completely rewriting three scenes and then laying groundwork for chapters six and seven.  I was so tired, and then so wired, and then back to tired when 4am rolled around.  Had another webinar to watch this morning.  I rolled out of bed about a minute before it was going to air.  I managed to be lucid enough for most of it, so yay me on that front.

Wasn’t as productive the rest of the day.  Was pretty scattered mentally, although I perked up a lit later when helping The Mom brainstorm stuff for her blog.  On that thread, I have an announcement!  Soon I’ll be doing a guest post on The Mom’s blog, so that’s pretty exciting!  I’ll let ya’ll know when it’s up so you can check it out.

Also went to the coffee shop today since it warmed up outside.  I was still scattered and didn’t get but a couple hundred words done on my chapter, but I scratched out some outline points and ideas in the notebook, so it wasn’t a total wash.  Also there was mint hot chocolate, the drink of the gods.

I’m going to bed soon to try and get back on a good sleeping schedule.  Hopefully.  Maybe.  Tomorrow is supposed to snow again, so I’ll be cuddled up under the blanket with the laptop and the farty dog keeping warm.  My goal is to get some more blog posts written up and progress to chapters seven and eight on the story.



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