Doneness Project Day 8 & 9

Doneness Project

Yesterday was another frustrating day for writing.  I managed about 2ooo words, but it felt like pulling teeth until the last hour or so.  The story got boring, or at least where the characters are currently at is boring.  So I plan to skip ahead and find something more interesting to write along the timeline.  I can always go back later and fill in the blanks, or even rip them out entirely and write something else there.  Sometimes it helps just to take a step back so I can see if there truly is a problem with the current scenes I’m writing, or if I’m in a lazy fit or am just overworked.

On the upside, finally getting the hang of Twitter.  I’ve never posted much there before.  I already had Tumblr and such, so I never really found the interest in it.  But then I figured out about Tweet Deck, and it’s made Twitter a much more exciting and fun experience.  Having everything on one page in separate columns, automatically updating, and with the bonus feature of scheduling future tweets, I’ve laid some good groundwork for networking.  Still getting the hang of it, of course, but I’m excited for the potential there, even if my lurking introverted nature makes me hesitant to step too far into the realm of, you know, keeping up with people.  That’s another thing I want to work on this year.  I have a habit of dropping communication, whether I just forget and go off to something else or get cold feet about the whole thing.  I’m glad I started trying to fix it, though.

Still not sure about Instagram.  I’m just not a picture taking person, but I suppose one day I might be, if I can ever afford a better phone with an awesome camera that doesn’t take forever to work the photo app.

Today I got a late start due to last night’s insomnia.  I gave up writing around 10 to go to bed because the house was so damn cold.  The farty dog abandoned me for The Mom, because she has an electric blanket, the traitor.  But sleep was an elusive beast.  My body was tired but the brain was hella active.  I ended up both reading fanfic on my phone and staring off into the darkness in intervals until one or two.

Writing-wise today I’ve been productive, but I balked at the idea of hitting the wall of my current projects.  Instead, I dusted off an older story that’s on my queue of projects to complete for this year.  The words rolled off my fingers with such ease I thought I was hallucinating.  Oh, yeah, I though to myself, this is what writing is supposed to feel like.

I wrote about 1000 words earlier, took a break to visit with a cousin who came over (Hi Tara!) and then picked up dog poo outside.  The farty dog thought she was being cute when she knocked over the trashcan and scattered it all everywhere again.  She’s very possessive about the communal poo in the yard.

Since I was on such a role earlier, I’m going back to the second story and writing until my fingers fall off or until I have a breakthrough on story one.  And I’ll be on Twitter some more if anyone wants to come hang out and talk to me.  I will talk back to you, I swear to the gods of writing.

Toodles, lovelies!


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