Doneness Project Days 10-14

Doneness ProjectI apologize for the lack of updates on the project.  I’ve been making progress on it, I just haven’t stopped to write about the progress, since I’m working on it and the blog from the time I wake up to anywhere from midnight to 3am.

So far, so good.  I’ve written about 3-4 thousand words on my story in the past few days.  The rest of the time I’ve been writing blog posts, learning social media, and creating plans of action for the blog.  My brain is hella tired and stretched, but I’m waking up every morning ready to get to work.  Never, in the history of my life, have I been excited to do a job.  Most times writing wasn’t even on that list, the excitement usually came later when I was full awake.  To be this excited and ready to go before the brain is fully functioning, that is a strange but awesome feeling.

So, story progress.  I switched to writing one of the other projects I had slotted for this year.  My original story is taking its former place as the summer book.  The characters and the story need some reworking that I’m just not in the right mental space for.  It sucks, but switching stories has really increased my writing productivity.  The scenes are flowing, the dialogue is jumping out of my fingertips onto Scrivener, and I have a loose outline that is keeping me focused.  Guys, I cannot wait to get to the ending of this story so I can write that jaw dropping moment I have planned!  I get giddy tremors every time I think about it.  This version of the story is just so much cooler and better balanced than the previous ones I’ve written.

For anyone interested, here is an excerpt of what I’ve written so far:

Zander slows down and sniffs the air, catching the scent trail.  He follows it across the street and up the block to an alley.  Melody slips off his back.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.  Stay here where I can see you, okay?”

She nods, clutching at her little cloth bag of paints with twisting fingers.

The blood is fresh, the metallic tang hangs in the air and, to him, overpowers the stacked up garbage overflowing from black bags and the dented dumpster.  That is where he finds the body.  Behind the dumpster, positioned in such a way she seems to be sleeping peacefully, is a woman in her mid twenties.  Her dark hair is fanned out around her and she’s practically pristine except for the ragged gashes like claw marks across her throat.

Above her, on the brick wall, the killer has left a message in the victim’s blood.

Ashes To Ashes, Time To Play.

Now, since I’m at the coffee shop, I’m off to write on Chapter 5-7 tonight.



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