The Doneness Project: End of Month Updates

Doneness Project

Well, the execution of my first month of Doneness was kinda wild with a lot of unexpected setbacks and lessons learned.  The biggest of which has just been my heath.  Down sick with the same crud twice, with only a week of I CAN FINALLY BREATHE time followed by HAHA NEVER MIND FALSE ALARM really kicked me in the gut like a school bully after my lunch money.  (Sick Tip: tissues with Vicks in them are AWESOME.  Just open a box and stuff your face inside, you get almost instant airflow to stuffed up passages!)  I’m pulling out of the second round okay now, and taking care of the Mom since I gave it to her again (sorry you’re hosting a second branch of my germ culture, I still love you!)  Even still, I got a great amount accomplished.

I now have two half finished projects, which is almost like one full one, so I will be tweaking my original timeline to give myself time to finish and then get into the dark and weedy jungle of editing.

As far as blogging, I’ll be cutting back to posting around 2-3 times a week so that the majority of my time goes into the projects I’m finishing.  Doneness updates will occur everyday I’m working, barring alien invasion/zombie uprising/comet impact/chupacabra infestation.  I haven’t been that great about keeping up with that end of the project, although I’ve been fighting my own zombie-ish infection.  So that’s my excuse and this is me promising to be better about that.

Today I am working on getting through this Monstrous Middle on Project #1.  I have some loose scene ideas jotted down, so I may skip some parts in the spirit of just moving on and getting to the end, because sometimes it’s easier to go back and write problematic scenes once you’re already done and can weave them into an existing structure.  That is the hypothesis, anyway.  I’ll post my findings on whether that turns out to be valid.

Until then, cheers, guys!


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