Hiatus is over (and a sneak peek at my upcoming book!)

Long time, no see, guys!  Hello again, I apologize for the month long hiatus here on the blog.  I haven’t stopped writing, but blogging had to be put aside in my list of priorities, like looking for a job and making money.  I have great news on the book front, though!  I am in the final stages of rewriting and editing my first Doneness Project.  In fact, if things stay on course, the book will be ready for launch near mid to late April.

*gratuitous fist pumps and vodka all around*

To whet your appetites and to give you an idea of the book itself, I am queuing list of posts to count down to the publication.  These posts will include things like exclusive sneak peeks at the characters, the world, my process, music that inspired me, excerpts, and artwork I’ve made along the way, ending with the cover reveal and synopsis.

Sounds cool, yeah?

Guys, you have no idea how excited I am to finally be in this stage of the writing.  This story means so much to me for so many reasons.  I’ve lived with these characters knocking around my noggin for just a hair shy of a decade now, and they’ve all grown so much, yet retained most of their core characterizations that debuted in a dusty notebook scribbled in mostly illegible scrawl.  I’m butt dancing in my seat right now, just stoked to finally share these people and their story with you.

So, to kick off the queue, have a poem.  Now, let it be known I’m not really geared towards poetry, but sometimes the right kind of mood coincides with a moon phase and a set of star positions and I try to poet (can I use poet as a verb?  What the hell, I think I will).

Key word is try.  I write better fiction than poetry, and I write better poetry than I sing, so keep all of that in mind and be happy I didn’t decide to serenade ya’ll with this.

So, without further ado, I present you with a poetical look at my main characters and their story (and the book title!):

Wishing Crows Poem


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