Would you like some copyright infringement with that coffee?

So.  I woke up this morning and checked my Tumblr like I always do before I get to work and saw this lovely morning destroying gem: http://www.isfanficlegal.com/post/116301992754/update-below-weve-been-getting-pings-and-s

Basically, the site Ebooks Tree snatched a bunch of stories from Archive of Our Own, turned them into download files, and put them up on third party sites without the authors’ consent or permission.  If you find yours and try to look at the downloads, or the comments readers have made on those third party sites, you have to register and provide credit card info.

I checked the site and, yep, indeed, one of my old fanfic works is on there.

Really?  Fucking really?

This is bullshit and I’m not in the mood to deal with this kind of asshattery.  It’s a violation, and damn disgusting.  I’ve already sent the recommended DCMA notices to the sites listed.  They didn’t steal any of my original works, at least not that I’ve been able to find.

So, if you have posted any kind of fiction, original or fan, on Archive or other sites, I recommend checking Ebooks Tree to see if yours has been stolen.  Keep an eye on Tumblr blog http://www.isfanficlegal.com/ for any further updates or info on the situation.

I’ll post teasers for my upcoming book later.  Right now I need a cheeseburger and something with sugar to help soothe the savage murder feels I’m experiencing right now.



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