Wishing Crows – Spells and Bullets

Well, look at that, there’s a teaser for my book!


Wishing Crows Spells and Bullets Promo

*not the actual cover


This is the world that Taz Wyatt lives in: the United States of America has never conquered land past the Oklahoma/Texas border, control over magic is the current hot button issue, and gods walk among women and men screwing with lives at will.

The Republic of Texas, a wild country butting up against the impenetrable West, is deep in a bloody civil war over whether to become part of the US or not.  Monsters freely roam the night.  Wild magic seeps into everything and everyone.  You need bullets just as much as you need spells, and unless you’re willing to use both you’ll never make it out alive.

Narrowly escaping murder by killing her would-be killer, Taz flees the US in search of her older sister, Fred, estranged now almost four years.  Taz’s search leads her deep into the tumultuous plains of Texas, where modern technology gives way to corrosive magic and a way of life reminiscent of the wild west.  Vehicles run on spell box engines.  Blood is being spilled in the name of freedom and the independent way of life.  Fred is not the sister that Taz remembers, and Taz will need to use all of her wits, sarcasm, and guts to survive the story the gods have in store for her.

Because tricksters abound in this lawless country, and the only way to beat them is to become one.



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