Doneness Update and Announcements

So, I went away for a while.  I didn’t update the Doneness Project like I said I would, I didn’t even keep up this blog like I said I would.  Things got really stretched thin and pressurize like life is wont to do, but I didn’t die.  I didn’t fall prey to the chupacabra or Bigfoot lurking in the dark.  I just got pummeled by life and had to shorten my focus to the bare essentials.

And I finished my first book planned for the Doneness Project!

In the span of time from January to July I wrote close to 60k words, cut more than half of that, and rewrote the rest about three times.  I had to take time to world build more in depth, set down timelines for stuff that happened before the book, what happens during the rest of the series, and timelines for character evolution.  It was definitely worth it, to take that extra time, and I learned a lot about crafting something shorter than a novel and outlining for a series.

One of the things that helped me the most was Coggle.  If you haven’t heard of this site, let me tell you, it is amazing and free to boot.  My Mom taught me to mind map my stories in this manner when I was younger, and I loved the concept, but I got frustrated when I ran out of room or had to go back and change details.  Coggle fixed both of those problems by offering tons of space and customizable lines I can shift, move around, and bend almost any way I need.  I can also add videos to the timelines.  Laying everything out on the timeline sharpened my focus and gave me a map with wiggle room.

Extreme bird’s eye view of the timeline for book one. It’s basically a rainbow octopus of angst and magic and mythology, yay!

With book one done and with my beta readers, I’m now working on cover concepts for it and outlining book two, which is a continuation.  I’m not going to put such a strict time limit on myself this time, because that kinda failed horribly, but I expect to have the bare bones written by the end of the month and will spend August through October editing and rewriting as necessary.

This has been a Crazy Inkslinger update.  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about my book launch!

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