Count Your Crows has a cover!

Count Your Crows by Shiloh Ohmes

So, this is pretty cool.  My upcoming book has a cover.  😀

Pretty spiffy looking, if I say so myself.  I’m loving how it turned out, and loving even more that the book is done and almost ready to share with everyone.

COUNT YOUR CROWS is the first mini-book in the series WITCHES OF TEXAS, which spans the lives of three witches in a Texas that never joined the Union, where magic and monsters roam free, and that borders the West, which was never tamed or claimed.  Fresh from a war where witches lost the right to practice magic freely and without persecution, they must now navigate a Republic heading into reconstruction, deal with trickster gods intent on messing with their lives, and learn to live in a country that would sooner see them hang than let them live in peace.

Stay tuned for the official summery for COUNT YOUR CROWS.


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