Writerly Advice


If you have a story to tell, then tell it.

Don’t ask permission.  Don’t fret over what other people want, or expect, or think.  Don’t worry if there’s nothing like it out there yet.

Create.  Bring it to life.  This is your vision, no one else’s.

Don’t worry about if it doesn’t work.  Don’t worry about the voices telling you it’s stupid.  Overdone.  Wrong.  Not professional.  Or that no one will understand it.

Is this story burning you up on the inside to get out?

Then write.  It’s something you need to say.

The impossible is accomplished every day by people who decide they can.

So do the impossible.  Screw permission.  Cut the wire and go beyond the fence.  Tell your story whatever way you need to.

Just make it happen.  You can clean it up later, but only if it exists first.


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