NaNo Prep: Outlining and Synopsing

Yes, I’m well aware synopsing is not a word, but that is what I have done today.  It was a great writing day all around.  I went out to a coffee shop, plugged in my tunes, and worked on outlining.  First I created an entirely new Scrivener document and divided it up like so:


So, I Made four folders, one for each week, and I’ve created 7 scenes apiece for them.  Each scene card contains a mini synopsis of what I want to happen as the story unfolds.  It’s not strict, more stream of consciousness with a few plot points and character motivations that conduct each scene and build it toward the next.  As you can see, I got to the first scene of Week 3, so I think I did a good bit here.  I’m certainly excited for November and can’t wait to get cracking on this.  So many new situations and characters to meet and conflict with and sometimes kill!

Along with this, I also have a mock cover I created for my NaNo profile:


I’m pretty happy with what I accomplished today, so I’m going to see if I can outline the rest of the scenes and then settle in to watch some Netflix as a reward.


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