NaNoWriMo Ahoy!

One week until NaNoWriMo, guys.

One week until NaNo!

*Throws confetti and runs around in circles*

Second only to Halloween, NaNoWriMo is my favorite time of the year.  Also my most stressful.  Also my most angsty and delirious.  I started participating in NaNo back in 2007, making this my 8th year in a row to write a novel in a month.  The new website design also added a helpful little counter to my profile, which tells me I wrote over half a million words while participating these past Novembers.

Yeah, I’m pretty stoked about that.  The true count for all my years writing is far up into the millions by this point, but it’s cool to see an actual recorded tally, even if for only a small percentage.

But back on point: NaNoWriMo starts at midnight in one week, and I am so ready for it.  These past few weeks I’ve been doing dry runs to practice hitting higher words counts.  On average I write about 1000-2000 words a day.  That’s been significantly lower the last month since starting my new job, but I’ve dedicated my weekends to stretching those writing muscles and seeing how far I can push to make up for that.

I did a live tweet sequence a couple weeks ago setting my intended goal at 10,000 words in a day.  Which, that’s hard but I’ve done that several times in the past for NaNo, and I like to push my limits.  I clocked in at around 3400.  For my first try I’m pretty happy with that result, even if I did struggle for the entire day and didn’t get anywhere near 1000 for the rest of the week.

So, with NaNo only a week away, I am going to dive into writing prep.  For me, that means making outlines, sketching scenes, creating a NaNo specific document, setting daily goals with reminders, and planning my Essential Writerly Survival Kit.

So far the Kit only has Cheezits and Andes Mints.  Don’t judge me.

Are you or anyone you know taking part in this crazy writing challenge?  What is your game plan?  And, most importantly, what do you stock in your Essential Writerly Survival Kit?


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