NaNoWriMo Day 13

NaNo day 13

So, you’ve probably noticed I stopped posting after day 6.  This has been that week.  That week comes at different times during every November.  It’s something that cannot be avoided or remedied, only lived through.  Mine started with getting sick, so I wasn’t able to get sufficient word count in.  Then my dog got hurt and I’ve been up most nights with her.  Then we were short staffed at work, and so on and so forth.

That week always happens.  There’s a time where things, inevitably, go wrong all at once and the outside world demands your attention and energy.  I’ve been so exhausted after every day that all I can do is fire off a couple hundred words, queue up Netflix, and eat before trying to sleep.

So, from one NaNo vet, just remember, it’s okay.  Things go wrong.  You fall behind.  You will not always make your word count goal.  That doesn’t mean you should just give up, just cut yourself some slack for being human.

As it stands tonight, I’m about 5,000 words behind.  Not as bad as I feared, because I’ve had some of those weeks in previous years that left me 10, 15, even 20,000 words behind.  Even those were okay in the end.  I worked until I could make them up once the week was over and I could breathe.

And that’s the secret to remember.  Just breathe.  Your story is inside you and is not going away anytime soon.  Breathe.  You can always make up your word count later, just take a look and find some time when it’s calmed down.  Breathe.

November is not the only time you have to write this story.  And winning NaNo is not the stick by which to measure your worth as a writer.

Just breathe.

My week has come to an end.  Friday is here with now until midnight for me to make up what I lack and get on with the story.  My story is going to be just fine, and so am I.  And so are you.

Just breathe.


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