About Moi

Just who exactly is Shiloh Ohmes?

It is accurate to say she is a writer, a story junkie, and a full-time weirdo.  Some suspect she is an alien.  Rumor has it she is a deposed dictator scheming to build a new empire.  Various reports cite her lurking in the Supernatural fandom where she drinks vodka, lusts over classic cars, kicks ass at pool, and sporadically updates a fic ‘verse.  She has been glimpsed on TwitterTumblrArchive Of Our Own, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Evidence gathered suggests she has an unhealthy addiction to music, books, shiny objects, and cool rocks.

She is currently in the process of writing an epic weird western miniseries of novellas centering on witches in Texas, the first of which will soon be available.

If you want to drop her a line and talk about world domination, you can reach her at crazyinkslingerblog@gmail.com.



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