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Missing Cover

Have You Seen This Child?

I am missing for three months and one hour. I’m in an abandoned bus station and I don’t know how I got here. There is a bulletin board, though. My missing poster is tacked on front as center, as crisp as those new $100 bills. What happened to me?

What happens when someone goes missing? In this short story, a child wakes up in an abandoned bus station with no explanation, no memory of what happened, and no way out. Three months have gone by between heartbeats and the only clue is a missing poster with their face on it.

What happens to the missing if no one finds them? If people forget?

What if you went missing?

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Book One of the WITCHES OF TEXAS series.

Count Your Crows by Shiloh Ohmes

Count your crows and make a wish before they fly away.

Taz has only one wish: to find her sister Fred, gone these past four years fighting in a war to secure a better future for witches everywhere.  She would also appreciate not dying horribly and forgotten in the wild Texas frontier, too, but in post-war Texas that is easier said than done.  Packs of hungry chupacabra roam the landscape, slave traders prey on the weak and stupid, and nature herself is entirely unaccommodating to someone who just wants her family back.

Also, her sister has managed to become the most wanted witch in the Republic.  Taz isn’t surprised; Fred’s always been an overachiever.

Wishing on crows got her through a shaky childhood of persecution and running, but Taz will need spells and bullets to make it through Texas.  Even then, that may not be enough.

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Kill The Writer

A Short Story

Kill the Writer

“Choices, left in our incompetent hands, lead to thought, lead to opinion, lead to clash of opinions, lead to art.”

In a world run by the Formula, a rigid system that dictates every part of life, picking up a pen is a death sentence–

It’s also revolutionary.

Available on: Gumroad


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